It’s a tough life…
It’s no easy life being a Caithness 7s referee.

OK so it’s only 25 minutes each way but they have to do THREE matches back-to-back!
The Caithness weather can be unforgiving.
Our sideline supporters can make the weather seem tame.
There are no linesman to assist in over the line decisions.
Did we mention the weather?
The park is too long to see one end to the other (for some apparently!)

Name: Bob Gunn
Nickname: TBC
Referee Style: Good natured but firm.
Did you know? Bob submits a fine referee report listing the details of each incident.

Name: John Munro
Nickname: ???
Referee Style: ???
Did you know? ???

Name: Solomon Makhouli
Nickname: Sol
Referee Style: Easy-Going at times but can be intense!
Did you know? He HATES swearing!

Name: Paul Reid
Nickname: MoonBoots
Referee Style: Quiet natured but capable.
Did you know? A man of many other talents!

Name: Graham Whitson
Nickname: Cheeser
Referee Style: Laid back ref – mostly!
Did you know? amazing fact coming soon!