The commitee are the hard-working men who keep the league ticking over.

Heroic, and yet often misjudged- our hard working leaders are DEDICATED to making the Caithness 7s the best amateur league in the United Kingdom.

In recent years they’ve been criticised by some for being too tough, but the majority of players are in full support of their ZERO-TOLERANCE attitude to violence on the field. In fact the language and disclipline has improved in recent years every season – until last year. If just ONE TEAM from last year hadn’t let us down that record would have been imporved further still.

So without further ado. Let’s meet the Caithness 7s Committee.

League Chairman: William Cannop
Nickname: Willie
Position on the board: The Chairman
Did you know?
Willie is the heart and soul of the Caithness 7s. Heavily involved in everything from banning players to raising money for new goodies!

Deputy Chairman: George McKenzie
Nickname: TBC
Position on the board: Deputy Chairman
Did you know?
George has committed to staying on another season with the 7s.

League Secretary: Andrew Richardson
Nickname: TBC
Position on the board: League Secretary
Did you know?
He’s a bit of a 7′s Legend.

Treasuer: Christie Cannop

Players Reps: David McGillivry and Andrew …..