Hello and welcome to the website of the Caithness Amateur Sevens Winter Football League, also known as C.A.S.F.L and simply the Sevens.

The Objective of this website is primarily to provide our 22 member clubs and 350+ playing members with a dedicated central resource that that provides all the relevant documentation, information resource and records associated with participation in our league.

We constantly strive to improve the look and functionality of our web site and we would appreciate all feedback on the site as well as any suggested improvements. Please tell us what you think using our contact form.


Our league was properly established and affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA) in 2001 with ten teams getting things off to a magical start in the inaugural season.  The second season saw the number of competing teams increase to 14 and from that we knew that there was enough interest in competitive football over the winter months to ensure that the league prospered and grew steadily over the years.  At present we organise 22 clubs made up of 350+ players ranging from 14 to 40 years of age into 2 competitive leagues playing between September and March. In addition to the league campaign, all member clubs compete in the 4 cup competitions annually.

Of the 10 clubs competing in the inaugural season we are pleased to see Castletown, John O’Groats, Top Joes and The Pathetic Sharks continuing to compete to this day, although members of the current squads are rather coy about their participation in the inaugural season, we do know who they are and we most certainly appreciate their continued participation.

Without the help of our long term sponsors, our league would simply be too expensive to run and we offer our sincerer gratitude for their help and understanding over the years.


As our name suggests we are a 7-a-side league playing outdoors throughout the winter months on a floodlit 3G playing surface with qualified match officials in control of all matches, from the outset we decided to introduce a number of small changes to the standard rules of association football.

The commitment, support and enthusiasm of the player’s, Club officials and referees.

All are welcome, irrespective of ability, age or anything that makes you different.

The ball is live as much as possible

Rolling substitutions

No Slide Tackles

“Kick Ins” rather than “Throw ins”

Dissent can result in a free kick advancing or retarding by 7 yards at the discretion of the match official.


Chairman:  Mr William Cannop
Secretary:  Mr George McKenzie



2001/2002 Ashes
2002/2003 Castletown
2003/2004 Castletown Thurso Comm
2004/2005 Thurso Comm Sharks FC
2005/2006 Pentland Strokes FC
2006/2007 Halkirk Wick Celtic
2007/2008 Halkirk Groats FC
2008/2009 Groats FC Wick Thistle
2009/2010 Staxigoe FC Athletico Millbank
2010/2011 Groats FC Jnr Acks
2011/2012 Athletico Millbank Dynamo Staxigoe
2012/2013 Athletico Millbank Staxigoe Utd
2013/2014 RGs Thurso Sharks
2014/2015 Groats Wick Thistle
2015/2016 Groats Swifts
2016/2017 Seaview FC Lybster FC
2017/2018 Lybster FC N/A